Walking the Cape Wrath Trail

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5 thoughts on “Hello world!

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  2. Awesome photos, thanks for the blog – a real nice read – certainly gets me looking at my rucksack in the corner of the room.

  3. Thanks Mark for an excellent account of this leg of your walk. I’m going to be nearly following your route with my brother-in-law starting 13 June 2013. The only change we are thinking of taking is to miss out Shenavall and Ullapool and go dirctly north after Loch an Nid to Corrie Hallie and east at Dundonnell Huse heading for Inverbroon lodge. It was informative to know that there is a bunk house at Camas-luinie. Did you make it futher from Ullapool to the Cape? If so have you written an account of the next leg? I’d love to hear of your experiences. I’ve read most of the blogs about the trail and found yours the most informative and interesting. Hopefully we will have such a great adventure and just as good weather. I’ll be travelling from Canada to walk the West Highland Way then the CRT. I’m a Scot having emigrated to BC in 2004). I was a member of the Strathclyde University Mountaineering Club 1979-1983 and enjoyed climbing the mountains of Scotland in all weathers and seasons. So this will be a dream come true and probably the last time I’ll be able to spend a month in the moutains of the north west. To all those on the trail at the same time, I hope we meet and can share a pint together. Regards Douglas Adams, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

    • Thanks Douglas. I am walking leg two with a friend in early May from Ullapool and intend to update the blog in due course. I am sure you will a have great time. I was helped by the weather, which was exceptionally hot and dry in 2012 but you will find that it is a very rewarding walk regardless. Thanks again for your kind words. Keep in touch. Mark

  4. This blog has been inactive for quite some time, so I don’t know if you still monitor it, however, I’m hoping you do. I’m looking at hiking Scotland. First thing first, I’ve never backpacked… In fact, it will probably be quite some time before I make it to Scotland so I’m looking to gain experience with some smaller (United States trips) and build up. How do you think a GPS device would work for the route (or a similarly remote Scotland route) you described? (I plan on slowly adding to my collection of gear) Some people, like birds, have a fantastic sense of direction. I, on the other hand, am so geographically challenged that I can come out of a different entrance at a mall and be completely misplaced; it’s a curse. The thought of “find the rock with a tree in it” puts my completely irrational fear of becoming lost forever into overdrive. I can read a normal, non-pirate-chest-finding map, but my natural sense of direction is completely void, and if I can use a GPS it would be fabulous.

    Secondly, as a woman, I’m considering doing this alone and I wanted to know your thoughts on safety? I might be able to convince my best friend to go with me, but then we’re still two women wandering around in the Scottish wilderness (sounds adventurous!).

    Third, I think I’m more attracted to the Scottish Highlands, but apart from the hiking experience I want to maximize my photography experience. I’m interested in, at max, a seven day trip, six of walking, and one of flying/traveling, (which I don’t even know if that’s possible) and a route with the maximum amount of things to photograph. I’m not one for landscapes, I’m into macro photography, so think of small things like bugs, mushrooms, flowers, etc. I also shoot people, buildings, and animals and most everything else. While I do enjoy and photograph landscapes, I just don’t really enjoy landscape photography anywhere near as much as I enjoy macro; nor am I as good with it.

    Fourth, I read that at one point there is a missing bridge… the potential for drowning, how high is that? I have a muscular condition (McArdle’s Disease) that prevents me from swimming (I’m challenging myself with backpacking as is) so I really need to avoid crossing bodies of water that I can potentially drown in, especially if I’m flying solo.

    Fifth, because of my muscle condition, I will be taking my hikes (potentially, as I’ve no idea how far I can go yet) at a very leisurely (old-lady) pace. All of my plans must be tentative in that if I don’t make all the miles in one day and I fail to reach my goal destination, I can gauge and exit where I am at the end of the sixth day then, manage my way back to civilization, a train station to a major city and airport. It appears transportation isn’t a guarantee, but you did mention hitchhiking. As a female hitchhiking is ingrained into us as always no-no. However, it reminds me of the small town I grew up in where that was a completely safe thing to do, what is your opinion (obviously, I’d have to use my own judgement) for the potential for having someone offer a safe ride to a train station/a place where I can access transportation to a place where I can easily find better transportation?

    Sixth, I’ve been reading about Open Access, but there wasn’t any/much information on building a campfire and fishing. In the states you need a fishing license to fish, do you know if that’s the same for Scotland? With the lack of signage for the trails, I’m concerned about camping in a restricted area and not knowing it. Are camping restricted areas well marked?

    Lastly, I saw the picture above of the pantry, are most places filled with canned goods? My goal is to keep as little weight as possible, cans are a last resort for me.

    Anyway, I apologize for the length, and your I really enjoyed your post about your trip. I sincerely hope you resume blogging.

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